Tokin' Tina

& The LillyBear

Tokin' Tina and the LillyBear is a company bringing an all new product line to mankind that is out of this world! With a mission to help those in the galaxy who need medicine and education on the positive uses of cannabis, Tokin' Tina and the LillyBear have their very own THC/CBD infused astronaut ice cream bar; first in the market. With a whole lineup of infused products on the way, Tokin' Tina and the LillyBear is a company to look out for in the future.

​Prime Presence and Tokin' Tina have joined forces to get their brand kicked-off right! Contracted to develop their art and branding department, we helped Tokin' Tina create the look, feel, and style of their brand, designing everything from their logos to their social media content to their packaging and more!


How We Helped:

  • Social Media Content

  • Packaging & Logo Design 

  • Brand Development Package​

  • Business Development

Timeline: Ongoing